Monday, August 30, 2010

Arcadia, Pennsylvania Coronet Band

In my post of 5/6/10, The Munson Coronet Band, I noted that long before radio and television, it was common for many small towns to have local bands that played summer evenings in the town square. This is a real photo postcard, made when most professional photo processors had postcard stock on hand so that people could bring in their own negatives to have a custom postcard made. Hand written on the back, "Hoping this finds you all well as I am glad to let you know that we are all well. You will find me on this card if you look close. Hoping to hear from you soon. From your brother, John Currie Arcadia Pa." Addressed to, "Mr. Donald Currie, 320 Beech Street, East Pittsburg, Pa." Post marked, "ARCADIA, PA SEP. 18, 1908." Arcadia is a small town in Indiana County, north of Indiana, the county seat and birthplace of actor, Jimmy Stewart. East Pittsburg was absorbed into the greater city, years ago. And yes, Pittsburg was once spelled without the "H"

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