Monday, July 9, 2012

Bikes From the Early Days of the New Found Photography

It's time for another visit to the lightly visited early days of The New Found Photography.  So why this image?  Very simple, I went out on my bike this morning and was hit by a car.  I spent a rather unpleasant day at a local hospital and got some good news.  It's going to hurt, a lot, and I'm going to be pretty stiff for a week or so, but nothing broken, nothing torn, nothing permanent.  Except for the bike.

So drivers....You can't loop around a cyclist and make a sharp right turn right in front of them.  You can't make a sharp  left turn in front of a cyclist.  That's what happened to me.  A driver got an opening in traffic and scooted through the gap, and that's where I was.  Drivers, you need to give at least two feet to a cyclist, better yet three, when passing.  Please, don't kill a cyclist.  It's not nice.

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