Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bare Legs in the Snow

Written on the back of the top image, "Lassen Park Pat & Margret," the second, "Elaine B. Lassen."

It might have been quite warm the day these pictures were taken.  Mount Lassen Volcanic National Park is one of the snowiest places in California and it's not uncommon, even in these days of climate change, for there to be a blanket of snow well into the summer.  So, let's not make fun of Margret for choosing fashion over warmth.  I've hiked Lassen, in summer, in snow, in shorts and a tee shirt, and been very comfortable.  Climbing the peak, mid-day, in the sun, even in snow can be sweaty work.  Again, I know this from experience.

Mount Lassen is the southernmost active volcano in the continental United States.  It's part of the Cascade Range.  After thousands of years of dormancy, a series of eruptions began in 1914 and lasted until 1921.  On August 9, 1916, congress created Mount Lassen Volcanic National Park to preserve the landscape and it's devastation.  Compare that to Mount St. Helens after it's eruption,  where the creation of a new national park was blocked by timber interests that wanted to remove the downed trees, and those opposed to the parks movement on general principle. Yes, it is possible to go backwards.  Those interested in the U.S. National Parks system can go to

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